TRAIL EXPANSION AND IMPROVEMENTS CONTINUE The second phase of the trail was begun on April 12, 2008. This 1.3 mile extension from McCallum north to the Bush Tollway is now complete. This work also included many amenities along the existing 4.5 mile first phase, such as several nodes with benches, trash receptacles, bicycle racks, and decorative pavers, along with a drinking fountain and bulletin board at the junction north of Brentfield. The blank brick pavers in the nodes will be replaced by engraved donor bricks as they are sold - $50 and $75. If you want a community message placed on the bulletin board, please contact us with plenty of lead time. ONCOR and the City reached agreement on where future planting may be placed. Unfortunately, ONCOR will not follow the agreement they just made with the City and will only allow about 10% of the planting density previously allowed and as provided in this most current agreement.  We still need your help to keep the Trail well-funded and looking great!  But please do not plant independent trees as ONCOR will remove those not in accordance with the master agreement.  Volunteers are needed to help with organized planting and watering. We invite members to show their support, which helps defray the cost of maintaining the watering equipment and to cover the water bills. Individual directed contributions are also welcome to help underwrite benches, etc. To-date, numerous individuals and HOAs have donated thousands of tax deductible contributions. To find out how you can get involved, or make a donation, please send an email via the Contact link on this home page, or leave a message at the Friends Info Line at 469-231-7229.


Rod Scales organized a group of about 20 volunteers to complete the spreading of generous amounts of mulch provided  by the City of Dallas.  The City crew completed spreading it from Belt Line to just south of La Manga but then their budget cut off from completing to McCallum.  It is a lot of manpower and we appreciate what the City does to keep this area looking so nice.  On June 8, 2013 the volunteers came in from as far afield as Lewisville and Allen – an unusually distant group.  They were “found” through the help of Gregg Thorsen of the Church of LDS 4th ward providing access to where needy projects are listed for people interested in community involvement.  A large sub-group organized by Seth Edwards, Boy Scout Troop from Allen LDS 6th Ward, provided a significant contingent of helpers.  And the City of Dallas Maintenance department lent us many rakes, forks, shovels and wheelbarrows for the volunteers’ use, thanks to coordination by Jeremy McMahon.


The Preston Ridge Trail is the new hike and bike trail in Far North Dallas that is fast becoming a terrific neighborhood treasure for walkers, bikers, runners, skaters. The Friends of the Preston Trail, Inc. is the non-profit volunteer organization that is galvanizing support for the Trail's expansion, beautification, maintenance, and utilization. We're delighted you're visiting our site, and encourage you to surf around... where you'll find a Trail map, news of upcoming events, ways to volunteer, how to contribute by becoming a member, and much more.


The Preston Ridge Trail is the result of progressive thinking by County, City, and community leaders -- along with ONCOR. Dallas County and the City of Dallas officials made the first move in 1999 as a part of the County's Park and Open Space Program. At a cost of $1.2 million, the 4.8 mile Phase I was funded by Dallas County in 2003.

Dallas City Council member Sandy Greyson was a big advocate for the Trail and was instrumental in allocating funding to expand the Trail 1.5 miles north from McCallum to the Bush Tollway.

Since 2003, Friends of Preston Ridge Trail Inc has served as community advocates for the Trail and advises on its beautification.


The Friends is the best way to get involved in supporting and helping preserve and improve the Preston Ridge Trail. It's an ideal public-private partnership to improve our community. We invite you to become a member and get involved as a user and/or volunteer. Meet new friends and neighbors. We have a steady need for:

(a) Help with watering

(b) Help with pruning

(c) New Friends Board members

Please drop us an email or give us a call (see Contact Us page). The Preston Ridge Trail belongs to all of us, and by working together we're making our neighborhood not only more attractive, but also stronger, friendlier, and safer.