The first installation of engraved pavestones bricks were installed at the nodes in the Spring of 2011. If you don't know what a node is, see below. Future bricks will be randomly distributed at the node you designate, until all blanks have been replaced by engraved pavers. NOTE:  THE NODE AT THE BULLETIN BOARD TRAILHEAD IS SOLD OUT - NO MORE BRICKS ARE AVAILABLE THERE..

Please contact Cori Pratt cell 469-231-7229. Checks and brick messages should be delivered to Cori Pratt, 7631 Pennyburn Dr, Dallas 75248. Cori's e mail is Check should be made payable to Friends of Preston Ridge Trail and are fully refundable up until the point of the brick paver order being placed.

$50 per brick paver includes 3 lines of text with 16 characters/line limit (which includes letters, numbers, spaces and punctuation marks).  8”x 8” $75 includes 6 lines of text.  Logos add $10.  Cost includes installation.  Letters and logos are infill painted black.  Brick paver color is red to match the blanks seen at each node.  It requires a minimum of 5 bricks per size to get free shipping so we are focusing on an annual event for the brick pavers to avoid shipping costs.  We will take orders anytime and hold them until we get a minimum 20 of all sizes for the City to install them during the year.

Text requires City of Dallas Parks Dept approval of text, which we will obtain for you.  No memorial statements to dead people or pets allowed by the City.  Can have “In honor of” messages.  No overt commercial messages with phone numbers, but can have a business name and web address.  We will request approval on all the texts and let you know if the City requires a modification before we commit your funds.

Lead time is about 6 months after approval of the texts by the City. The City staff will install, but need minimum quantity of 20 at the same location for economic reasons.

We can e mail you a certificate memorializing the engraved brick paver donation, so you have something to give if the donation is for a birthday, Mother’s Day etc.  You just fill in the particulars (it is in PowerPoint). See the example below.

Link to PowerPoint Document

If you want to add a logo, here are some examples.  The space for a logo depends on how much lettering you select, but obviously it works better on an 8”x8”.  The vendor can downsize the lettering to make space for the logo.  For example #5 on the available logos shown below takes the equivalent of one line, so it works with a 2 line message on a 4”x8” brick.