Rich Greenfield, VP City Relations, Prestonwood North HOA organized volunteers to complete a substantial planting of trees along the east west leg of Preston Ridge Trail between Meandering Way and Hillcrest.  That was completed on Nov 16, 2012.  His group will be watering these trees for the next two years.  The City of Dallas Parks Dept provided the trees and the City Maintenance crew drilled the holes to take make the job a whole lot easier.  The mowers came thru there in the afternoon to top off the improvements.  Thank you to the many volunteers.  Together, we can get things done!”


Tree Planting 2008 – November 15th & 22nd

Approximately four hundred trees were planted these two Saturdays! On the stretch that extends from Beltline to Arapaho on Meandering Way, volunteers of all ages helped the City of Dallas Parks Department crew plant large, beautiful trees and shrubs along the trail. Many thanks to the wonderful folks from the Boy Scouts, North Dallas Young Mens ServiceLeague, Spring Creek Civic Organization and other groups that braved the cold and wind to make sure these plantings were a success!

Jack Steinberg of SCCO recruited a large group of waterers who will make sure these plants are hydrated properly for the next two years. We appreciate you, Jack, and all your volunteers who made this happen.

Below is a photo highlight slideshow and some individual photos from the planting:

Volunteers smile in spite of the cold.

Happy Planters

City Park employees

City Council Member Ron Natinsky and SCCO
volunteer organizer Jack Steinberg

Ron Natinsky
& Citizen Foresters

Newly planted trees!

A Citizen Forester and city employees.

December 10, 2005 - Bench Dedication
FRPT leaders, current and former elected officials from the City of Dallas dedicate the first bench on the Preston Ridge Trail to Sandy Greyson.
Bench Dedication Plaque
from left to right:
Rodney Schlosser, VP/Community Relations, Friends of Preston Ridge Trail (FPRT), Rod Scales, VP/Beautification, FPRT, Cori Pratt, President, FRPT, Sandy Greyson, honoree and former City of Dallas Councilmember - District 12, Ron Natinksy, City of Dallas Councilmember - District 12, Max Wells, former City of Dallas Mayor Pro Tem
Bench Dedication Plaque
This plaque is in the cement next to the bench.
Maureen Dickey and Sandy Greyson
Dallas County Commissioner Maureen Dickey and Honoree Sandy Greyson. Dallas County funded the original construction of the 5 mile cement trail using County funds. Total cost, approximately $1 million.
Ron Natinsky and Sandy Greyson
Current Dallas City Councilmember Ron Natinsky and Honoree Sandy Greyson, sitting on the new bench.
November 12, 2005 - Volunteers Plant 400 Trees
Along Preston Ridge Trail The Friends of the Preston Ridge Trail, in partnership with the Mormon Church - 4th Ward, completed the first major tree planting along the Preston Ridge Trail on Saturday, November 12, 2005. More than 100 volunteers worked all day to plant trees and shrubs at 11 points along the Trail's 5 mile stretch running parallel to Meandering Way and west along the TXU utility lines to Campbell Green Park and Brentfield Elementary. The 4th Ward has adopted the Trail as a community project and will be handling the watering for the trees over the coming months.
Volunteers Plant Trees on Trail
from left to right:
Elder Van Tassel, Joyce Hall, Elder MacFarland, Alex Beer, and Joanne Poulsen
Trees Planted on Trail
from left to right:
Helena Schlesinger, Sheila Duh, Heather Tierney, Joanne Poulsen, and Cydney Liberman
April 24, 2003 - Ribbon Cutting Ceremony  
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
from left to right:
Dianne Curry, President Dallas Park Board;  Sandy Greyson, Dallas City Councilmember - District 12;  Rick Loessberg, Director of Planning & Development - Dallas County;  Margaret Keliher, County Judge - Dallas County Commissioners Court;  Jim Jackson, Dallas County Commissioner - District 1
April 24, 2003 - Friends and Neighbors attend Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Friends and Neighbors attend Ceremony
from left to right:
Marla Biekman, former Board Member - North Dallas Neighborhood Alliance (NDNA);  Lucie Bellew, President - NDNA;  Ed Butschek, Board Member - NDNA;  Sandy Greyson, Dallas City Councilmember - District 12
April 24, 2003 - More Friends and Neighbors
More Friends and Neighbors
The Dallas Trekkers, a regular use of the Trail, with Jim Jackson, Dallas County Commissioner - District 1 (on far right)